Many organisations will have their own Vision, Mission and Values.

To put it another way, who we are, what we do and how we do it.

The how we do it is crucial, as it is where we can find the core values of the organisation. In any workplace you should be aware of these corporate values, and as a leader or manager you will be communicating these out to your team regularly.

However, as a leader or manager these are not the only values that you should be adhering to or communicating to your team.

We all have our own personal values.

These are deep rooted within us and have a profound impact on how we behave and approach situations. As a manager or leader, you should be in an organisation where your personal values match your teams – if not this can lead to dissatisfaction and conflict.

In the workplace many people are reluctant to show their true selves and the thought of sharing these personal values may seem like a risk of exposure, but the value of sharing your values far outweighs the potential negatives.

If you lead through your values, you are staying true to yourself and your beliefs. You will be far more passionate about what you are doing, this passion will be evident to your team and others in the workplace making them far more likely to follow you.

If you lack passion in what you are doing, how can you expect to inspire it in others? Your communications will also have far more clarity as you will be speaking from a natural place.

As a leader or manager, if you are clear on your values, and have communicated them out to your team, this will lead to greater transparency in the workplace. The people around you will understand why you do what you do and have a far better understanding of what is expected of them…

…Leading to more productivity and a harmonious environment.

By working from your values, your decision-making process will be much quicker. As a manager you will face tough choices in the workplace, but by following your values and doing what you think is right you will reduce stress and internal conflict.

This can only be a positive for you and those around you.

Understand your values as a leader, share these with your team and stick to them. You will undoubtedly see the positive impacts of doing so.

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