With a very close election coming in just under two weeks’ time, a survey of Managers by Impellus reveals the impact it is having in the workplace.

With predictions of a high turnout and a close result it’s not surprising to find that almost exactly three quarters of Managers are expecting that the election will become a topic of conversation in the workplace. Most of these conversations are expected to stay restrained though, with only one in ten Managers expecting there to be negative consequences on productivity because of the election.


How do Managers think voting patterns differ between them and their staff?

Maybe no negative consequences are anticipated because it would appear that Managers expect that within their organisations there’s little difference overall in the way in which they and their staff might choose to vote. 72% of Managers said it was unlikely that the election would cause a ‘them and us’ situation between management and their staff.

If Managers weren’t greatly expecting workplace political differences, though, they were expecting that there would be a difference between whether Managers and their staff would actually go and vote. A staggering 82% of Managers are expecting to vote themselves, but only 66% think it’s likely that most of their staff will vote. Either way, those figures would represent a very high turnout.


Managers expect to give staff time to vote on the day

On polling day a third of Managers are expecting to be generous and allow staff to vote during office hours, and one in five were undecided as to whether to allow it. That would mean that up to 50% of all staff could be allowed to vote during working hours.


Cultural values at work

The survey shows that despite a hotly contended election and the ‘return’ to left- and right-wing politics, the British practice of not getting drawn on politics in the workplace is alive and well. It also shows that within many organisations it is anticipated – correctly or otherwise – that people are working with others of similar values regardless of whether they are at different levels.



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