Meet Yuta Watanabe – globetrotting Impellus delegate

At Impellus we’re proud that we regularly deliver leadership and management training courses at 25 different locations in the UK. With venues ranging from Edinburgh to Exeter and Norwich to Swansea, we’re confident that 95% of managers can easily reach one of our training courses.

Occasionally, we have delegates who travel the length or breadth of the country to attend a specific course – one delegate recently flew from Scotland to Birmingham. In the past, people have travelled exceptional distances to attend one of our courses – we’ve hosted delegates from Switzerland and the Middle East on our London courses.

But now we have a new record - in the week commencing 5th March we welcomed Yuta Watanabe of Plastic Mouldings, who travelled all the way from Japan. Yuta maximised on his long-haul trip by attending three Impellus courses in four days!

Three Impellus courses in four days

Yuta’s first taste of Impellus training was the Leadership Skills Development course in London on Tuesday 6th March. After this course, Yuta travelled to the East Midlands where he attended another ILM Level 3 course on Effective Communication Skills the following day. On Wednesday evening, Yuta continued his UK journey to Manchester where, on Thursday and Friday, he participated on our two-day Level 5 Strategic Thinking and Decision Making course.

Background on Plastic Mouldings

Plastic Mouldings Ltd employs over 70 people in its Manufacturing, Administration and Management teams based in Irvine, Ayrshire.  Part of the Plastics Industries Group, Plastic Mouldings has become a market leader due to its continued improvement in moulding and low cost tooling development processes over the last 50 years. It distributes its products to approx. 700 different organisations across a variety of sectors and follows a strict environmental policy to ensure that no waste ever goes to landfill.

Terry Houston, Plastic Mouldings’ Managing Director, who was responsible for booking the courses for Yuta, commented: ‘I have worked with Yuta for the last ten years and we are keen to develop his business acumen and management skills.  Having researched training providers, we chose Impellus, as its selection and timing of courses best suited our requirements. Yuta enjoyed the courses, learnt a lot and has identified where he needs to improve, which is most valuable.’

Comment from Impellus

Jon Dean, Managing Director of Impellus commented: ‘‘We run courses everyday full of managers who are making a commitment to their personal development and the performance of their teams and organisations which makes Yuta’s commitment even more outstanding. To travel across the world to attend three challenging management courses back-to-back and then fly straight back shows the level to which he’s committed. It’s a credit to him as well as our training delivery team that he continued to engage and challenge his abilities over each day. We wish him and his colleagues at Plastic Mouldings all the very best and look forward to seeing Yuta again when he’s next on this side of the globe.’