Effectiveness of independent reviews

We live in a world where the power of word of mouth advocacy and client reviews is increasingly gaining importance. As a consumer, one rarely makes a purchase of sizeable value nowadays without going online to assess the ‘social proof’ of that item. This may take the form of a customer review on the manufacturer’s website, a celebrity endorsement via Twitter, Instagram or one of the other social media channels or asking our contacts if they have any experience of that brand or product.

In the business-to-business environment a similar process takes place via LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. Client testimonials and case studies are also one of the most powerful means of showcasing your offering and a section on your website that enables potential users to see what your existing client base feels about your products/services is very beneficial.

The degree by which we are influenced by these testimonials will depend on the value and importance of the purchase and our overall desire for the product. But arguably what is more important, is the action we take once we have made the purchase….

The power of word-of-mouth advocacy

If we are happy with our purchase, we are likely to endorse the product/service and be prepared to publicly review it positively.  We will recommend it (possibly, even subconsciously) to our friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances. If appropriate, we will keep buying it, thereby fuelling growth for that organisation.

On the other hand, if we are unhappy with the product or service that we bought, we can potentially damage the reputation of that brand by negative word-of-mouth communication, particularly via social media, by talking about our experience. We will consciously complain about the purchase with most people that we come into contact with and the likelihood of us making another purchase from that organisation is slim.

Business-to-business case studies

In the business world, case studies are particularly strong for would-be purchasers, as they can outline the challenges faced by the client organisation before they purchased your product, the selection process involved in choosing your organisation and the results that have been achieved since making the purchase.

This format enables organisations in similar sectors and/or with similar challenges to see the key benefits of choosing that organisation and the benefits it could bring to their business.

Independent reviews

Impellus asks for feedback after each of its training courses and reviews these management training reviews on a weekly basis to ensure customer satisfaction levels remain extremely high. On the rare occasion that a client is disappointed with the training experience, action will be taken quickly to resolve the situation. Some client testimonials are featured on the ‘What our Clients Say’ web page.

Recent additions to the Impellus’ case study page from Brittany Ferries and The Warwickshire Councils Consortium highlight the reasons why more and more large organisations in the private and public sector are choosing Impellus as their leadership and management training provider.

Key advantages that Impellus’ management training clients expressed were:

  • Geographical coverage – good availability of courses all around the UK
  • Flexibility of dates and venues – courses regularly held at 25 training venues
  • Selection of topics covered – eleven ILM approved leadership and management courses
  • Ability to link course attendance with the study of an ILM Award for those managers who wish to obtain an internationally recognised professional qualification
  • Learning Development Consultants (trainers) directly employed by Impellus Ltd – ensuring consistency of content delivery irrespective of training location
  • The ability to buy delegate days in large bundles that qualify for a discount – delivering budget and administrative efficiencies
  • Open course format enables managers to mix with delegates from other organisations and sectors who share similar day-to-day challenges
  • Helpful and friendly operational team based at Impellus head office.