The Value of your Learning and Development

Every month dozens of managers celebrate achieving their ILM qualifications in Leadership and Management or completing their Certificates of Learning in Leadership or Commercial Skills with Impellus.

Many of those supervisors, managers, account managers and directors will look back at their time learning, qualifying and implementing new skills and techniques and see their time as a significant step in their careers. Perhaps the step that led them to a promotion, a change of responsibility or, for many senior leaders and directors, the clarity of thinking that took their businesses to another level.


Something to enjoy right now

However, sometimes in life there’s not a lot wrong with a little instant gratification.

So whilst we all know that the true value of your learning with Impellus will deliver over many years, let’s help you to enjoy the moment when you complete your programme.

Once your certificate arrives, take a great picture of you with it and let us know a little bit about your experience. We’ll send you a bottle of Champagne straight away so you can enjoy the moment. (Non-alcoholic option available too).