We’re recruiting! Sales jobs in management training – Click to find out more

Impellus is a fast growing provider of management training and development courses, with locations across the UK and clients ranging from small, entrepreneurial businesses to some of the world’s largest employers.

We’re looking to build a sales team capable of continuing this growth and ensuring that we continue to deal with our clients and prospects in a professional manner. This means that we now have the following two roles available for a start on 4th January.

If you’re interested in sales or are a good communicator and would like to work as part of a professional team in a vibrant environment, we’d be interested in talking to you.


50%-Funded ‘Coaching Skills for Managers’ Training Course at Corpus Christi College – Click to find out more

As part of the partnership between Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University and Impellus, the next date for Coaching Skills for Managers is 15th January 2016.

ILM Approved Management Training at Corpus Christi College with 50% funding

The tie up allows managers from across Cambridgeshire to access funded management training courses delivered by Impellus at the University. Leadership Skills Development is also accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and can be taken on its own or as part of an ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management.

Here are two great articles from leadership influencers worth reading:

3 Trends in Leadership Training and Development for 2016 – Click to read more

When was the last time your employees got excited about training? Those responsible for training must continually find new, creative ways to “sneak in” learning opportunities whenever possible to make it accessible and engaging.
Technology has drastically changed the way we learn, and employers are incorporating it frequently to reduce the time and costs of training. In fact, technology-based training is up to 90 percent less expensive than traditional classroom based training. It cuts down on the time employees spend traveling as well as travel expenses (airfare, gas, mileage, hotel rooms, food).

In the coming year, we’ll continue to see companies adopting new, innovative forms of learning. Here are three leadership training and development trends to keep on your radar for 2016 and beyond.


“Leadership Qualities” vs. Competence: Which Matters More? – Click to read more

There’s sometimes a disconnect between how we talk about leadership qualities (we tend to use words like authoritypower, and emotional intelligence) and what we actually require from the people leading teams and other working groups (arguably, competence and a deep knowledge of the specific work that needs to get done). In a forthcoming Journal of Applied Psychology article, researchers from Stanford and Erasmus University explore which set of qualities matters most to team performance. The paper also looks at when power differences contribute to team success, and when they damage it.


ILM – Useful tips and hints on how to pass

  • Having registered on the ILM portal, click on the tab for this course.
  • Open a copy of the ‘mark sheet’ from the link at the top of the page – this details the ILM requirements to achieve a ‘good pass’ which is where your focus should be.
  • Take note of the nominal word count and the mark weighting for each question – this will give you a guide as to how much detail each question demands.
  • We recommend that you start and save work using Word and when you are happy with each question, copy and paste into the online portal. This will allow you to send us example submissions by e-mail if support is required.
  • Once you have completed a question, always look back at the ‘mark sheet’ and satisfy yourself that you have answered all of the question.
  • On completion of all assignment questions, check that you are roughly in line with the nominal word count. It is only a guide but way under may indicate too little detail and way over may indicate more clarity and conciseness is needed.
  • When you have completed all assignments for your ILM award, hit the submit button.