If you are holding the fort while others are away on holiday in August it can be frustrating that everyone you contact is away, decisions can’t be made and everything seems to slow down.  But just as in the natural pause around Christmas time, it is as well to embrace the quiet period that happens in August.

So what can a business leader do to make best use of this time?  Rather than turning into a ball of frustration, why not take time out, break your own habits and do something different?  Here’s some suggestions:

Think and plan for your own personal next quarter.  Take a little time to think what’s important for you personally to achieve before Christmas and flesh out how you are going to do it.  Perhaps set yourself some deadlines to make sure it happens.

Take time to talk with someone different.  I bet there are people in your organisation who you don’t speak with often.  They aren’t on your senior team and they are really not important for you to communicate with regularly.  Well, now’s your moment to stop as you march past them in the corridor and find out what makes them tick.  You’ve no idea what you might find out and you may well boost their day too.

Walk in the sunshine and reflect on what you are doing well.  It is important to step off the treadmill once in a while and reflect on what’s gone well.  Take a moment to pat yourself on the back if you have some successes to celebrate.  It might be a good time to recognise someone else’s achievements too.

Ask yourself – what can I do better?  We are all human with strengths and weaknesses, and if something needs improvement in your working life it is probably because it doesn’t come naturally to you.  Business leaders aren’t good at everything, and if you identify a weakness in yourself it may take some careful focussed thought to work out how to plug that gap.

And meanwhile, don’t worry as I used to about sales activity falling.  For many businesses it does go quiet in August but then it comes back with renewed enthusiasm about half way through September.